Monday, April 30, 2012

A Vintage Soul

Happy Monday to you!  Wow!  A post on Monday.  You must think that I am confused today.  But no, I am simply following through with a promise to myself.

You may recall some time back I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of some inks.  And since their arrival I have been suspiciously quiet about them.  That's because I am still learning how to use them.  Funny how a product demonstration can be so misleadingly simple.

But this morning I created this card and was so pleased with it that I wanted to share it right away.  It was just one of those moments.  I am also posting it on the Octopode Pretty in Pink Challenge.  It is not an Octopode image, but perhaps I will get all pinky with one of their images later this week.

This goth girl is one of my faves and is from Stampotique.  I am planning on creating several cards with their images for my Etsy shop.  If you are interested in some off-beat greeting cards before I get them loaded into Etsy- email me.  I will be happy to oblige.

In addition to the greeting cards, I plan on listing some of my mixed media canvases on Etsy as well.  So far they are great gifts for any girl- but the wheels are turning.  I have plans for some more boyish canvas adventures.  Stay tuned...  in the meantime, here is the latest.  

I hope you find joy in your day!

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