Thursday, July 26, 2012


Meet Cousin Spinnaker, once a curious fae enchanted with human invention, he died a sad and flightless death after his wings became caught in the gears of darling cuckoo clock.

He looks content in this image though, doesn't he?

Spinnaker is one of three fairies featured in my Fairy Photo Album, the second of my matchbox books for the swap I was telling you about.

The photo doesn't do him justice.  The flowers have large clear glitter flakes and his wings sparkle.

I took this photo about half way through the book making process.  I still have some finishing work to do before the "binding."  But it's coming along.

I feel a little like Spinnaker today though- flightless.  My mojo has wilted either due to the triple degree heat or the simple fact that each day brings a new crisis or the threat of one.  Little mini fires to keep us running.

Right after I posted last week my new file drawer came apart in my hand!  We'll get to that in a minute.  Then Friday arrived full of promise, until the nasty red wasp sting which swelled my arm up like a German sausage.  Then Saturday morning my son showed me his purple swollen thumb, which I knew had to be x-rayed.  So, with my arm swollen to the point of tingling fingers and no wrist, I hauled him off to the urgent care.  This time we returned home with a helpful page about sprained digits.

I still had dinner guests on the schedule and a date with our local Fresh Market and unknown to me, a date with the ac repairman!  Yes, after the urgent care and the grocery store I returned home to a busted ac.  The week can only improve!

Then 3 pediatric doctor appointments this week, one includes three sets of immunizations!

 Here's hoping next week runs a little smoother and my creative juices surge.

 Okay- Pity Party is OVER!  Sorry for that.

Let’s talk nuts and bolts now- literally.  You remember how proud I was of all my pretty filed papers?  Such happiness.  But right after I posted last week I reached down to retrieve some cardstock and the drawer front fell apart in my hands.  Really?!

Now, let’s be frank; paper is heavy!  Cardstock is even heavier.  But shouldn’t a crafting furniture manufacturer factor that into their designs???  I know, I know, I expect too much.  So, I spent the next 48 hours or so deliberating whether to return the wimpy thing or beef it up.  I shopped around for other options.  Apparently everybody else knows that cardstock is too heavy for file drawers because I couldn’t find another file drawer option for 12x12 sized cardstock.

 I looked at other options, like paper towers.  In fact, I found a very viable option on ebay for a reasonable price.  But there were three factors that gave pause to the idea of a paper tower.  The first consideration was the numerous packages of hanging files I had already purchased, opened, and tabbed.  They COULD NOT be returned.  Secondly, a paper tower does not conceal the paper behind a door.  After staring at a leaning tower of paper for so long, I have loved not having to look at the visual clutter of paper.  And goodness knows, I need all the help I can get de-cluttering!  Also, I like having a storage surface on top of my paper storage for those pretty bins that hold my pads.

So, that settled it!  I loaded up my tool caddy with a drill, liquid nails, some extra screws and four clamps.  I think the drawer will hold for a while.  I am sure the second one will fall apart eventually and I will need to beef it up as well.  Until then I will use my kid gloves.

Now, I have a fairy photo album to finish, and I think my Circus matchbook still needs some finishing touches.  That’s the goal any how.

Keep Calm and Carry On!
Another one of my fairies.  Should he be more modest??  Like Spinnaker, he is a work in progress.  I'll share the finished book next post!
PS:  The fae images are from Smeared Ink.  They are colored primarily with Copics and enhanced with glitter glue.


  1. You go girl! I applaud you for organizing your papers at all much less placing them in a receptacle that keeps them behind closed doors! I myself have been planning to organize my papers I even bought the organizers with the colored tabs. Fast forward 6 months later...yup they still sit empty under my work table. I'm not even sure you can call it a table anymore it's become a mountain of craft stuff that I strategically move/shove to the side in order to obtain 6 in of space in which to work. I hope your liquid nails hold for ya! I'm still waiting for a Craft room clapper to be invented which is about as likely to happen as a dryer with a fold button :)

  2. So sad to hear about the drawer issue...but at least it's not a leaning tower of Pisa anymore, right? ;)



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