Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn Carrion

Fall arrived this month on the wings of a vulture to scavenge the smoldering remnants of summer.  Her stomach rumbles in the gray clouds that shroud the sky.  Green turns yellow in her shadow and the earth’s fever cools.  Autumn promises rest in her golden embrace, a prelude to the crystalline months to come.  “Winter is coming.”

All photos taken by R. Griffin.

While racing through a day’s errands last week I came to a screeching halt to observe this errant carrion in my neighborhood.  The iphone could not do it justice and I rushed home to fetch my camera.  Creepy.  Powerful.

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  1. Such a powerful reminder of the life cycle and our place in this vast universe. Pretty fitting considering that the change of seasons is upon us and with it the end of summer's beauty.


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