Friday, December 7, 2012

Glitter Goof?

While wrapping Christmas presents today I realized I had made a judgment error of historic proportions – not an error with any lasting social repercussions, just an error that would wink at me for the duration  of my life in this dwelling.

The error in my judgment has humble beginnings in the cavernous boxstore- Sam’s.  So many poor decisions are born there!  Before entering the store I had wound my mental clock tightly knowing the persistent tick would remind my feet to keep moving and remind myself of the task at hand.  Raspberries, that’s all I need-  Just several boxes of raspberries.  Then I would charge onto the next errand at full tilt.

I paused momentarily at the bright shiny aisle promising joy and happiness.  Shelves of ribbon, tinsel, and scotch tape heralded the approaching holiday.  “Just the raspberries….” I reminded myself and then fell into step with the steady ticking of my mental clock.  I hastened to the produce department.

After selecting my berries I had to pass by the Christmas aisle again, and just as Odysseus allowed the siren’s song to lull him to shore, I allowed the bright sparkle of holiday glitter to cast its magic.  Heeding its call, I put 5 rolls of holiday cheer in my buggy.  That’s 250 yards of instant holiday cheer and sophistication.  This year’s packages would be magazine-worthy!

The spell held until I cut the plastic barrier away from the ribbon.  The glitter floated to the floor and dusted the gifts like a powdery snowfall.  Tiny specks embedded themselves in my jeans and attached to my very spores.  The magic of Christmas will certainly linger now.

Perhaps it’s okay if a few hundred specks escape the jaws of my vacuum today.  Maybe the universe is trying to remind me to find the magic every day.

I hope you find the magic in the mundane today.-  Renee

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  1. You crack me up! Your writing is as creative as your art projects...I'm smiling like a cheshire cat and smiling is my favorite! :)



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