Monday, March 11, 2013

Treasure Box

I don’t know about you, but I am sorely missing an hour of time.  Where does that hour go each Spring?  If I dislike the first Sunday of Daylight Savings Time, then I ABHOR the first Monday.  The alarm sounds and darkness still filters through the curtains.  On Monday I am suffering from Sunday’s  whiplash of checking conflicting clocks.  One says I am an hour early, “thank goodness,” then the other says I am an hour late, “oh snap!”  Which one? Which one?!  I feel a little like Alice and the white rabbit must have felt down the rabbit hole.  The kids drag their feet a little more, even the dogs are content to sleep awhile longer.

But I have had my morning cup, the kids are off to school, the hubby is off to the office, the dogs have had breakfast, and the second load of laundry churns away.  That’s a perfect start!  This morning I have been sifting through cards that I have made through the years and never used.  Do you have that problem?  Either I liked them too much to let go, or I didn’t like them well enough, or I made them too late, or way too early.  Whatever the reason, I have a photo box of these cards.  So this morning I am sorting through them.  I have decided to donate some to Operation Write Home.  Are you familiar with this organization?  This will be my first donation to them, but it sounds like a great organization.  They provide servicemen and women with handmade cards to send home to loved ones.  

The bulk of that photo box of cards will arrive in a desert somewhere, others will never make it past my recycle bin, and then there are those cards that I plan to keep -  and I am so excited about their new home! Last month I discovered treasure at an office furniture store, a used file box.  You remember the card catalog at the library and those nifty little drawers.  (The store had some of those by the way, but I couldn’t come up with anything to store in them.)  Well this card file holds 6x8 note cards.  That single purchase has eliminated several shoe boxes and photo boxes from my shelves!  I was truly giddy when I brought my black box home.  If you have a store in your town that specializes in used office furniture, you should visit.  You never know what you will find.  
I have filed envelopes and pre-folded card stock in one side and am filing completed cards in the other.  My file dividers are not fancy, just some comic backer boards cut to size and another piece of backer board die-cut and glued on to form a tab. Some days I believe that organizing my supplies is more of a hobby than actually creating things!  Anybody else in that boat?

Have a great week! Renee

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