Sunday, June 17, 2012


 Wow!  I missed you on Thursday.  Did you miss me?  The family and I took some time to get away and play.  And so, I have spent some time on the highways of Texas.  I have seen some beautiful country and some crazy drivers!

Twice we found ourselves dodging flying rubber!  Oblivious to the fallout behind them, these drivers kept driving as their trailer tires broke away sending rubber and radial shrapnel hurling in the paths of other drivers.  The first time time this occurred the driver realized it shortly after the whipping radial took out its dual tire.  But the second driver was not so observant.  A billow of black smoke followed the rubber-storm, and you would think that the driver might notice the black cloud following him.  Nope.  The black smoke soon gave way to little sparks which soon exploded into showers of sparks.  Cars kept a safe distance.  Eventually an adrenaline junky found the nerve to speed up alongside the U-Haul driver and signal the problem.

My next crazy, first-time-ever-road-experience occurred within the same hour.  Given the frequency of these highway shenanigans, I should warn you that this all occurred in the greater DFW area.  So, the kids are plugged into their electronic devices in the back, I am plugged into the GPS device on my phone, and my husband is gripping the steering wheel keeping a look out for flying debris and sudden exits.  I direct us onto the ramp for the next highway, we make a smooth entry and then an abrupt halt.  On our right we witness a mass exodus of cars.  Okay, maybe not MASS.  But if you have never seen a dozen cars suddenly decide to leave the highway- without an exit.  You might call it a mass exodus too.  Cars were climbing curbs and crossing grassy medians fleeing the road we had just accessed.  I expected to see a horde of undead ambling toward us when I looked up the road.  No, just stand still traffic.

Traffic not withstanding, we had a great time.  The kids saw the Alamo for the first time, we all visited Schlitterbahn for the first time, and we got to touch dolphins!  Add to that two days with my awesome sister-in-law and the great shopping in Dallas (art supplies and clothing) and it was the perfect week getaway.

I will put my new art toys to use and post a couple times in the coming week.  -  Renee

Happy Father's Day-  My dad is a little quirky, which is great!  It means I get to give him less-than-traditional cards.  As a kid, that meant buying Far Side cards.  But since I started making my own years ago, that meant making cards with a sense of humor.  This is my latest.


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