Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Better Procrastinor?

Hello, my name is Renee and I am a procrastinator.  To all you impacted by my procrastination, I apologize.  For all the birthday cards I mailed late or never sent, I am sorry.  For those of you waiting on a phone call that never came, please forgive me.  To my better half who bears the brunt of my disability- I am forever indebted. 

And while I readily admit my flaw and am fully repentant for disappointing my friends, family, and acquaintances, I do NOT apologize for the ugly disability itself.  Nope.

Here I am, owning it.  Yes, I put off doing some things, but in the meantime I am doing many others.  I could be having breakfast with my elderly grandmother, reading my son a book, cooking a meal, folding a load of laundry, conducting a children’s activity, attending a meeting, or watching my niece and nephews.  And while these activities may not be important to some, they have value that could stretch much further into the future than a freshly pressed pair of khakis or a clean toilet.

As I have shirked some activities lately I have replaced them.  I used to try to get up a little early to write or sketch or catch up on blog reading.  Lately though I am too tired to roll out of bed and do those things.  So, instead I shuffle down the hall, hit the brew switch on the coffee pot, and then check out some small portion of the morning paper.  It was on one of those mornings last week that I encountered John Perry’s piece in the Wall Street Journal entitled “How to be a Better Procrastinator” in which he offers advice to those of us who most need it.

Let’s assume a few readers may also be afflicted with the twisted gene that causes procrastination.  You may think the article sounds like a good read and so you put it on your to do list- right up there with lose 6 pounds, clean out the attic, and read Moby Dick.  You might get around to that list, or you might find yourself ironing work shirts, packing lunches, and bathing stinky family pets instead.  So, I will pass on Mr. Perry’s advice in an abbreviated format.  For the complete article, follow the link.

1.    When someone suggests minimizing your commitments, don’t listen.   You need something to do while putting off other things.
2.   Don’t feel bad about procrastination.  Depression never helped anyone accomplish anything.
3.   Don’t fantasize about perfection.
4.   Be honest with yourself and others.

So, you may have noticed that last week’s blog entry never appeared.  I procrastinated!  But I did create a few things in its place.

If you have read my profile you know that I flit from hobby to hobby at intervals.  This week I felt inspired to come back to some of my jewelry making adventures.  This pair of earrings includes some polymer clay findings from my stash.  I made these for a friend; I hope she likes them as much as I do.

I also made a few cards in the past couple weeks.  I purchased the All Occasions Grumpies set from Smeared Ink and they are soooo much fun to play with!  Here is one of the cards I made with the grumpies set.  I colored my Grumpy with Copics and used circles to mat the image.  The dripping “goo” edge is the perfect finishing touch.  It’s a Martha Stewart paper punch.

  I have some new tools and toys on the way, including fresh ink pads.  I can’t wait to find them on my doorstep!

Enjoy your week!       Renee


  1. I don't like to call it procrastination. More like creative time management.

  2. I can't wait to tell my husband that I'm disabled and he can no longer be mad at me for the mundane things that get swept under the rug...besides the dirt. I wonder if I can roll the procrastinating thing in with my lateness problem too? :)

    I love the earrings and I'm sure your friend will adore them! Oh yes and those Grumpies are darling and you're right the dripping goo IS the perfect touch. You may be a procrastinator but at least you are and accomplished one. Hey...we need to put that on a T-shirt "Accomplished Procrastinator" (I think it should have a blue ribbon next to it what do you think?)

  3. omg... i love you. I am your twin. i procrastinate terribly. i'm constantly late with deadlines, or do it an hour before it's due.

    we should wear our procrastination with pride.

    mandy x


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