Thursday, March 1, 2012

Journey with Me

The concept of a blog has lingered at the edges of my mind for years.  I dismissed that shadowy notion for many reasons.  Like a child spurned, it sulked away, retreating into the haze of chaos that envelopes most my days.  But that childlike notion has returned a changed notion.  No longer timid but daring to be seen and heard and considered.  So, I have reconsidered.

In an attempt to justify my interest in establishing a blog I came to the realization that the blog is not the destination I seek, but rather the journey. 

We all journey- every day.  But are we cognizant of where we are going?  Do we notice the landmarks and the scenery?  Do we use them to mark progress?  Or like the Griswolds, frantically drive in circles hoping beyond all reason to arrive somewhere new?  If you are like me, you too have seen Big Ben too many times.

I invite you to journey in tangent with me.  Not, in tandem- but in tangent.  Your journey and my journey will be two very different adventures, but that shouldn’t mean that we can’t enjoy one another’s company.

If you catch me veering from the path, sleeping at the wheel, driving while distracted- you get the picture- then please tap me on the shoulder.

So for today I leave you the picture below.  It is not a photo that I would usually associate with myself, but the picture speaks to me.  It speaks of simpler days and quiets my mind and heart. I hope it speaks to you in the same way.  I welcome your comments and hope you will travel alongside me.     Until next week…

photograph by Renee Griffin


  1. Can't wait to see your journey unfold, Renee!


  2. You're right about life being about the journey instead of the destination though life is often more Groundhog Day than the Griswolds. Regardless it will be interesting.

    ...and many miles before I sleep


  3. I love that picture. Where was it taken? We've been watching Little House on the Prairie DVDs from the library lately and it too reminds me of all the simple beautiful things I want to do, like braid rags for a rag rug! :) Anyway, love the picture and can't wait to read more!

    1. Charity, thanks for stopping by my new blog and offering such kind words. I took the photo while at Rose Hill with my daughter's fourth grade class. Rose Hill is a historical classroom. The students must dress the part and bring a lunch appropriate to the year 1910. They use slate boards and fountain pens with ink wells. The basin is filled with water that they pumped and carried in to wash up before lunch. It is a fabulous experience!

      Braid a rug! Just be sure to share your experience with me throughout. Have a beautiful week. - Renee

  4. Renee, your blog really let me see more into you. Being open takes courage, but it is worth overcoming the fear. Your inner beauty shows up in your art creativity--like the scrapbooking. Keep it going!



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