Thursday, March 15, 2012

Taming the Tree

The early morning’s cuppa brew is nearly gone and my brain is still fuzzy.  I keep waiting for the whir of organized effort to kick in.  But as of yet, the only noise is the dysfunctional chatter of wheels spinning and cogs clicking independent of one another.  I blame it on Daylight Savings.  Who freely gives up an hour of precious sleep, especially in the spring when the prolonged daylight inspires us to pack just a few more line items into our epic to-do list?

As many of you know, I am struggling with a yearbook deadline this week.  Nevertheless, I assessed some of my fears this past week and met them head-on.  Don’t laugh when I tell you that one of my fears came dressed as a Yaupan Holly.  The tree and I have a history- a sordid history of weeding, pruning, cursing, and upon occasion wondrous fascination with the wildlife it harbors.  To make a long story short, I finally took the gardener’s saw and pruning shears to it.  The alterations were long overdue, but for the past year I fretted that I would butcher the tree and be the laughing-stock of the street.  An honest look at the shabby state of affairs in my front yard made me realize how unfounded my fears were.  And after all, what if I did ruin the tree?  I could get rid of it.  I feared for the feathered families living in it- but managed to avoid destroying any nests.

My second little victory this week can be found in the pages of my sketch book.  As I explore more of my artistic or creative impulses I often hide behind the fear and insecurity of my own preconceived notions about my ability.  What nonsense!  There can be no harm in putting pencil to paper.  So, I forced myself to get up a little earlier than usual this week to sketch.  With my morning caffeine to cheer me on I reminded myself that nobody has to see my sketches, and I can even throw them away.  Imagine my surprise when I actually liked what I saw.  It’s a starting point anyway, and I hope to share them with you soon.

Did you step out on the ledge this week? 

I had hoped to share some art with you this week.  But since my sketches and my newly trimmed tree are the fruits of my labor this week, I will just have to be happy sharing another one of my recent creations. I received word that the new dyes I ordered have finally shipped.  I can hardly wait!  Until then, meet my Little Mermaid.  She is a Tiddly Inks image which I pieced, painted, and applied to canvas.  Her tail is created from hole punches. 

Keep on stretching your limits and come find me again next Thursday.  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I tamed the stain on the kitchen floor which has daunted me for over a year's not perfect but a far cry better than where it started. I love your mermaid picture and am hoping that one day Zoe will have an original Aunt Nay piece of art on her wall... the art would be a great addition on your Etsy site!

  2. That tail is much detail work! Not sure if I would have the patience. :) Beautiful work, as always.


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