Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rays of Sunshine

It's been tough to find the sunshine through all the clouds and rain this week.  I have struggled all week to find those bright rays that make the most insignificant moments radiate with the beauty that only the present can hold.  I have made a conscious effort to keep my purpose in mind, even when I needed to be elsewhere.

Friday ushered in Spring Break here in Tulsa.  Rather than travel we have remained home, which a homebody like myself doesn't mind at all!  Especially when there are new crafty toys waiting for me.  But Spring Break for my family means doctor visits- lots of doctor visits!  It's a good thing we are all healthy, because I cannot fathom spending my life in doctors' offices.  For those of you who don't know, my daughter broke her elbow in February and that means orthopedic doctors and physical therapists (twice weekly).  Add to that dermatologists for other complaints.  Additionally, my Spring Break didn't actually begin until 2:00 pm on Monday when I submitted my yearbook for publication.  That was a moment to celebrate!

So in the midst of deadlines, service calls, and crazy schedules, laundry, hungry stomachs, and a to-do list that nags at me constantly, there were days I had to count my blessings very intentionally.  And I am so glad I did.  Since my Thursday blog posting is my way of checking in each week, I would like to share my list with you.
             1.   That first cup of coffee while everyone else is still asleep.  This week I had to get up pretty early to capture this moment.  But when I did manage to roll out of bed and grope my way to the kitchen, I took the time to sketch and enjoy the quiet before the storm. (I am attempting to sketch my moments of happiness.)
             2.  A visit from my FABULOUS sister-in-law.  We always enjoy one another's company and she shares my crafty passions.  It's such a shame she lives in Dallas.  (This was a double blessing since she brought new craft toys for me!  Check out the card below.)
             3.  Church on Sunday.  This Sunday we focused on meditation and its healing qualities.  Those rubbery relaxed minutes afterward intensified the beauty of the sun coming through the chapel windows with the spring blossoms lacing its edges.
             4.  My beautiful and supportive family.

I know that my chaos is not unique.  We all have appliances that sputter to a standstill, calendars that fill up behind our backs, children who need our love and attention, and homes that seem to spawn filth and clutter at an alarming rate.  But while you battle the everyday battle this week, take a moment to breathe deeply and think about those rays of sunshine that pierce the clouds.

Today's image is a birthday card I created with some of this week's rays of sunshine!  The image is a digital stamp from Dilly Beans, and I just LOVE her!  The card background is created from supplies from Pink Paislee.  You can expect to see more projects with these supplies.  I can't wait to try them ALL.  If you want more detailed information on the products or techniques I used, please email me or post a request in the comment section.


  1. As usual I love your sentiment and the art you create. I can only hope to be so crafty in my next life!

  2. know I think you are fabulous too! So glad someone else in the fam shares my passions. :)

    I love the card. Is that the Pink Paislee stencil that created the rings? Makes me want to break out my supplies and get started on a canvas. I'll be sure to post a pic to my blog when I do.

    It's always good to put gratitude in your day. Brings good things back 10-fold (I think there is something to that Law of Attraction stuff). Today I'm grateful for simple things... my family, my cuddly dog resting his head on my knee, and an upcoming art-filled weekend. Hugs to you.



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