Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exercise Your Inner Demon

In the spirit of summer break I have no words of wisdom or deep thoughts to ponder today.  Rather than seeking truth, or beauty, or some nobler good, this week I am only seeking potent diversion tactics.  Swimsuit season arrived in a flash and last year's suits mock me.  So, I need something to keep me out of the cookies I baked for recital, and out of the drive-up ice-cream shake havens, and the drive-thru lunches my son clamors for each and every day.  At the moment, I am giving the power of suggestion a try.  The tea box suggested my steaming hot beverage would taste like chocolate and hazelnuts.  It's a stretch (like the waistline of my swimsuit!).  But with a little imagination, anything is possible.

The first of my diversion tactics resembles Spring Cleaning.  I have adopted a semi-methodical approach and drafted my children into indentured servitude.  We have actually written one room on every day of the calendar for the next 10 business days.  My two children have made a list of "rewards" that they can choose from at the completion of each room.  This capitalistic bribery works very well on my 8 year old son who wants nothing more than a lot of quality time with a game controller.  My (soon-to-be) eleven year old daughter is another matter.  Seems you just can't buy happiness some days!

Diversion tactic number two has been gardening.  Let's face it, those weeds won't pull themselves.

The final diversion tactic I have adopted is art.  I just signed up for another online workshop, a six week course with Christy Tomlinson entitled "Your Living Canvas".  I am excited to get started and I hope I will have something to share with you next week.

In the meantime, I would like to leave you with this week's Mantra:  Exercise Your Inner Demon.

I would love to hear about it. So drop me a line to tell me how you exercise your inner demons (or exOrcise them- it all depends on pernicious they are).

Stamp credits:  Inkadinkado and JudiKins, Studio G., and Technique Tuesday.  ATC created by Renee Griffin.

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  1. Playing with the kids on a trampoline seems to help...though I then feel as though I've earned the right to a few M&M's


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