Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Song

Image, Stampotque: background, Dylusions: bird cage, Crafter's Workshop.  ATC by Renee Griffin

My favorite time of year has arrived.  The countdown to summer is kept in hours now.  As much as I have moaned about the early dismissal for summer holiday, I am as excited as the kids.  No need to pack lunches, make sure uniforms are clean- or kids for that matter.  Just see that they are safe and fed occasionally.

It's not cold anymore and the oppressive blanket of heat has not yet settled over town.  The flowers still offer promises of beauty that will shrivel quickly once the thermometer begins to rise.  But for now, I can sit on my deck, ponder the greenness of the grass and the abundance of those tiny white bugs that dance in the air like dust in a sun shaft.  The birds and the crickets sing the matinee while the frogs close the show each day.  And the promise of slower days dangles just out of reach.

It's not just summer that has had me skipping this week though.  I made a new friend in Canada.  We exchanged ATCs with one another, and now my strange little TEDfellow resides in Canada.  And one of my favorite online artists, host of the Katherine Wheel, has requested an exchange as well.  So a big hello to Valerie and Kate- you have brought extra rays of sunshine with you this week.  And the fun doesn't stop there.  My new Ranger heat tool arrived this week- which means I can paint and stamp into the wee hours and have no fear of flipping on the switch to dry something in a hurry. I also got some fun new images which I am sure you will see soon.  And I made strides in stocking up to reload my empty nest on Etsy.  And the cherry on top was watching my second grade son play piano for the school during the talent show.  It takes lots of guts, and I am proud of him!

Enjoy your shorts, flip-flops, patio and a cold drink... and while you are at it, drop me a line in the comment box.  'Til Thursday- chillax -  R


  1. You'll have to come over for a cocktail while we watch the kids play and the "urban chicks" scratch in the dirt. Maybe it will provide even more inspiration for your infinite talent.

  2. Glad the heat hasn't hit us yet! My new a/c units get installed tomorrow. Just in time for some weekend crafting. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!


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