Thursday, May 10, 2012

When Mommy Bakes the Cookies

 It’s been a typical week.  That means that the time flew by and I cannot account for much of it.  That’s because so much of it is the menial workings of managing a household.  Who really keeps track of how many times they make the rounds to turn off the lights, pick up the shoes, put a dish in the dishwasher, potty the dogs, vacuum the pea gravel (which NEVER seems to actually go UP the vacuum)?  And so when someone like my 84 year old grandmother, or my husband for that matter, ask what I have done, I am at a loss as how to respond.

While running on my hamster wheel this week I recalled one of my children’s favorite early childhood books, When You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  And it occurred to me that this book is NOT about a mouse at all (or a moose, or a pig, or a kitten – to follow the series). 
Allow me to illustrate, actually, I will narrate.  Please illustrate it in your head. :)

When they ask me to make cookies, I agree.  If I am going to make cookies, I will need a cookie sheet.

When I take the cookie sheet from the oven where I store it, I see it is still dirty from the weekend.  When I find a dirty cookie sheet, I must wash it.

If I am going to wash dishes, I will need a clean dishcloth.  All the clean dishcloths are next to the laundry room.  But when I see the mountain of fabric, I will feel compelled to start a load of laundry.

While pouring soap into the machine I notice a stack of papers on the counter; and in that stack of papers is a calendar of events.

When I see the list of events, I know I need to put them on my calendar.  When I boot up my computer I remember to check my email.  

Reading my email will result in new dates to put on the computer, and so I do.   After putting the dates in my computer I throw the calendar away.

When I am throwing away the calendar I see the dirty cookie sheet sitting next to the sink.  And when I see a dirty cookie sheet, I am going to want to wash it.  And if I am going to wash it, I will need a clean dishcloth…

And so a full week has rolled around without any progress of any kind.  The house is a mess, the books I started to read remain unfinished, I have tried pushing no new boundaries in my art area or in the kitchen, so on and so forth.  And I know that I AM NOT ALONE.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Hamster-Wheel –Running-Crazies like myself.  And, a HUGE thank you to all you hardworking teachers donning the battle gear each day. 

Here are two examples of thank you cards I have been making lately.  I have been playing with windows on my card fronts.

Interested in purchasing hand-crafted greeting cards?  Contact me.

The stamp credits: owl, Sassafrass; rabbit, Octopode Factory;
Cog dies, Spellbinders; Cog embossing folder, Cuttlebug


  1. so funny! I have to include this link to a similar post I wrote. .
    Love the gratitude card!
    Hey, an idea, maybe you could make a mother's day card pack (or whatever holiday next) and do a giveaway on a craft blog. Giveaways get lots of comments and potential new readers!

  2. As usual you have nailed the life of a mom! Happy early mother's day!

  3. I LOVED my card!!!!! Thank you my sweet "Intelectual" friend :)
    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  4. Ha ha! You have managed to sum up how a lot us feel here!
    Now, a while ago on my blog I asked who wanted to trade a Stampotique ATC with me. Are you still up for a 1/1 trade? Let me know! Kate


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